Wood Veneer

Traditional Wood Veneer furniture is making a comeback and Absolute Furniture is leading the way. The workmanship and finish quality of our Wood Veneer products is unmatched in the industry. Here is what you need to know:
• We start with select, top quality wood veneers from environmentally sustainable sources.
• Each veneer is then hand selected based on the application. Usually two or more veneers are matched together to create a specific wood grain pattern. This pains taking process is performed by the skilled hands of our expert craftsmen. Once the wood grains are aligned to form the pattern, the pieces are sewn together by hand prior to being adhered to the substrate.
• The completed components are then stained by hand to even out natural variations in how the stain is absorb.
• Finally, our exclusive 5 layer finishing process is applied. This is where we really start to shine. Our State-of-the-Art, 400,000 sq ft factory is equipped with the latest in high tech equipment including a 1500 ft oven. The oven is used to cure the final 3 layers of the finishing process. These layers consist of a high strength Polyurethane clear coat. Each layer is hand sanded between coats and cured in the aforementioned oven. Our exclusive Polyurethane finishing process is highly resistive to UV, heat and water damage, ensuring years of service and beauty.

In short, we have combined the Art of old world craftsmanship with the Science of new, State-of-the-Art technologies to create furniture that is beautiful, affordable and timeless.